Clark Lake Cup

In the annual Clark Lake Cup, The East end of the lake (Almeda Court) faces off against the West end (Eagle Point or Narrows).  This year's game was played on Saturday, February 5th.  Originally intended to be held on the ice near the Eagle's Nest lakeside, an overnight snow created surface issues.  So, a new rink was quickly formed on the other side of Eagle Point, within view of the Eagle Point Marina.  

Eagle's Nest owner Blair Huff put on his skates, grabbed his hockey stick, and played for the Eagle Point team (of course).  How did it go?  Check out the video produced by the Clark Lake Spirit Foundation.  And Blair?  He is wearing jersey #19.

The Eagle's Nest warmed up players and fans before and after the game, with a full menu of food and drinks. 

Game hosting alternates each year.  In 2021, the game was played under the lights at the east end.