Why the Green Light in the Cupola?

Eagle's Nest manager Jorge Orozco had a sudden realization.  He told owner Blair Huff about it.  Blair said "let's do it!"

What was Jorge's idea?

Jorge said "install colorful lights in the cupola." Then change the colors to tell customers when the Eagle's Nest is open, having last call, or closed.  The three colors are green, yellow and red. Can you guess when each color is displayed?

Installing LED lights in the cupola required hauling equipment and tools up an arduous climb. First step was to scale the wall of the restaurant like a ninja.  Then, enter a secret door to the attic.

From there, the crew had to maneuver through the matrix of trusses.

Finally, another totally vertical ladder had to be climbed to reach the cupola.

Blair and Jorge recently retraced those steps to inspect the lighting system. A little like two intrepid mountaineers, they aspired to reach a Clark Lake high point. Though facing the potential hazard, they held tough and pulled it off. Both explained it was lot warmer up there than expected.

So, when they returned to terra firma, they took a break and enjoyed some of what the Eagle's Nest is best known for.